Delivery terms and conditions

  • Container Express Inc outsources delivery to local providers at or near cost to help simplify the purchase process for customers without trucks. Customer waives us of any/all liability associated with product delivery.
  • Delivery truck should be able to pick up or offload containers within 30 minutes after arrival. Site delays are subject to $50 fee for every additional 30 minutes.
  • The driver has the right to refuse delivery, pickup or relocation if he believes it is unsafe to proceed. This includes getting stuck, tight spots, uneven surfaces or items in the way.
  • Delivery charges and/or dry runs will be charged for each attempt. Customer agrees to pay all towing charges resulting from any attempted delivery, pickup or relocation. 
  • Customer agrees that the on-site delivery, pick up or relocation will be under the direction, instruction and control of the Customer and his agents or representatives.
  • Customer represents and warrants that he has surveyed equipment location site and the access thereto and has conclusively deemed that our vehicle can enter and operate safely and effectively to complete the assignment.
  • You understand that Bluegrass Container LLC is not liable for loss, damage, or delay caused by events we cannot control.
  • Customer releases us from liability and any claims for damages, costs, both direct and indirect, to the roadways, grounds, buildings, fences, property, underground, landscape, and vehicles.